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Academy of Excellence soon starts a new projects for professional studies. We have planned so far for CAT and ACCA courses with very professional and experienced faculty. The further details will be updated very soon. The course out line is given for ready reference.

CAT (Certified Accountant Technecian)
CAT Qualification

CAT Qualification requires passing nine examinations split into three levels: Introductory, Intermediate and Advanced. The examinations covering the key areas of accounting, IT and Management are designed to test the knowledge, Skills and understanding needed to work in accounting support roles. Advanced level examinations are of equivalent standard to the first year of a univesity degree and offer a choice of option suiting to an individuals career needs. The levels and papers are as under :

Introductory Level

T1 : Recording Financial Transaction
T2 : Information for Management Control

Intermediate Level

T3 : Maintaining Financial Records
T4 : Accounting for Costs

Advanced Level

T5 : Managing People and Systems
T6 : Drafting Financial Statement
T7 : Planning, Controlling & Performance Management

Options (any two)

T8   : Implementing Audit Procedures
T9   : Preparing Taxation Compulations
T10 : Managing Finances


Minimum 16 years of age. No formal education required. However, O levels (with at  least B grade in Accounts, Mathematics and English) and SSC (with A grade) wiil be  preferred.

ACCA (Associate Certified Chartered Accountant)
ACCA Qualificatiion
ACCA Qualificatiion requires passing 14 examinations.split into two levels : Fundamental and professionals there are two modules each at Fundamentals (Knowledge & Skills) and Professional (Essential & Options) levels.The level modules and papers are as follows :

Fundamental Level

Knowledge Module

F1 : Accountant in business
F2 : Management Accounting
F3 : Financial Accounting

Skill Module

F4 : Corporate and Business Law
F5 : Performance Management
F6 : Taxation
F7 : Financial Reporting
F8 : Audit & Assurance
F9 : Financial Management

Professional Level

Essential Module

P1 : Professional Accountant
P2 : Corporate Reporting
P3 : Business Analysis

Options Module (any two)

P4 : Advanced Financial Statement
P5 : Advanced Performance Management
P6 : Advanced Taxation
P7 : Advanced Audit and Assurance


Minimum 18 years of Age. Two passes at A level plus three passes at O level in five seprate  subjects including English and Mathematics  OR HSC with at least 50% marks.  OR Two - year bachelor's degree. OR CAT qualification. OR No Formal qualification if more than 21 years of age.