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Frequently Asked Questions
What is Academy of  Excellence?
Academy of Excellence is an educational institute which is governed by Excellence Educational Society. The main aims and objectives are to provide quality education in the affordable price and to groom the personality of students by training them to produce better leadership in future.

When was it established?
It was established on 9th November 1990 at C-1 street behind Zindani House Behar Colony by the founder members Engineer Ameen Adil, Mr Ameen Qamar Jamal , Mr Hamid Saquib & Mr. Rashid ul Hassan.

What is the Mission & Vision of the Academy?

Our Vision

" To be nationally renowned & respected institution imparting excellent education & training based upon the foundation of futuristic research & innovations. "

Our MIssion
  • Undertakes a unique obligation for education in science, commerce, information technology, business and management sciences with special responsibilities in domain specific aspects of Sociology, ethics and religion
  • Seeks to nurture students of extra ordinary motivation and ability, and prepare them for life-long learning and leadership in an increasingly knowledge driven world
  • Envisages to establish institute of excellence in education, competitive edge in research and real time relevance with futuristic thrusts in offering of programmes and undertaking of activities and projects

Who is the Principal?
Engineer Ameen Adil is the principal of the Academy of Excellence.He did B.E(Electronics) from NED university , MA(Economics) from Karachi University.

What are the Projects of Excellence?

The present Projects of Excellence are:

  1. Excellence Model School
  2. Excellence Intermediate College
  3. Excellence Coaching Centre
  4. Excellence English Learning Institute
  5. Excellence Institute of Information Technology
  6. Excellence Aptitude Test Programme
  7. Excellence Career Guidance Programme
  8. Excellence Post Graduation Programme
  9. Excellence School of Business & Management
  10. Excellence Publication House

How can I get the Admission in  the Academy?
You just fill in the Online Enquiry form and check your desired enquiry box or you can Contact any of the contact number given in the tab of  Contact Us

How can I get information about English Language Programme?
Just click the  Anglo Vision English Learning Institute tab on the home page or you can contact kharadar campus for it.

How can I get information about IT Courses?
Just click the Excellence Institute of Information Technology tab to get the information of IT courses or you can contact any of the contact numbers given in the tab of  Contact Us

How can I get information about Coaching Classes?
Just click the Excellence coaching centre tab from the home page  and get fully informed through the news updates.