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Engineer Ameen Adil
Academy of Excellence
Academy of Excellence is not only an educational institute but it is a movement which aims at producing the leadership among the students community.

Education that inspires students for achieving great goals is boundary-less, borderless, and timeless. It is a mixture of traditional methods and the modern teaching techniques. It is a matter of great pride and satisfaction that the academy is celebrating the moment of the inauguration of its Official Website. I congratulate the members of the faculty, administrative staff and the students for working in unison. It is due to their efforts that the AOE enjoys its high reputation.
Ms,Farheen Asher
Head Mistress
Excellence Model School
I am very happy on this auspicious moment of inauguration of the official website of the Academy of Excellence. This is wonderful to see the activities and progress of all the projects of excellence at the same time in the new electronic media i.e. Internet. I think this will give more benefit to the students community not only keeping in contact with the academy but also share their ideas and articles online.

At Excellence Model School, we offer our children all that they require and more precisely all that they deserve. Our most dedicated staff members work upon each student to bring about  his skills and talents in the friendliest environment, without compromising on the best level of education. We plan to ensure the provision of state-of-the-art facilities, with even emphasis on outdoor and indoor co-curricular activities in the form of essay writing, quiz contests, debates, sports, summer camp, medical awareness, paintings & art competitions, celebration of islamic and national days, mobile library, funfair and other co-curricular exposures.

While we assure you that we will do our best to provide your children a conducive environment at school, we expect parents to ensure supporting environment at home as well. We believe that every child will leave to serve the country in the best way possible because we work on each child not just for personal growth and learning but also for the most beneficial youth for Pakistan, our beloved homeland.
Mr. Kirshen Kumar
Excellence Coaching Centre
I take an opportunity today to communicate with you that I am very happy at the inauguration of the website of Academy of Excellence. Being an administrator of Excellence Coaching Centre, I advise all the students’ community to take advantage of this website and connect with us all the time giving us their comments and suggestions.