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What is Activity based learning?

Themes are Useful

Our academics is based on “themes’ these themes are mentioned in the calendar of events. The purpose of themes is to involve the children in healthy activities. Our school has themes that are useful in developing language and cognitive skills in your child.
Colours day:
Colours day is a welcome to the spring season in which flowers bloom, Birds sing, Butterflies dance, and trees becomes green.
We want to make our school children to explore the beauty of nature by feeling themselves as flowers, birds, colours and butterflies.


Dress up day:

Children are very much inspired to the characters like Batman, Spiderman, Fairies, King, & Queen, favorite sports man, different Cartoons, historical characters and many more.
Excellence Model School wants to provide this opportunity to its students to be there favourite character by wearing costumes. It creates confidence in the children by showing their hidden inborn talent.

Yellow day:
Everyone likes to be happy with all colours and flowers of spring season but yellow day reminds us Autumn season when dry winds blows and old yellow leaves shed from tree young leaves to grow.

Milk day:

It's a way to focus on helping children make healthy beverage choices and to bring our world closer together, thereby raising children's global awareness.
What's more, both flavoured and white milk provide calcium and eight other essential nutrients that growing children need. Research shows that children who drink milk at school are more likely to meet their daily nutrient needs.


Fruity Fruits day:
The theme of this activity is to make children realize the importance of “Fruits” the delicious gift of God. Through this activity children learn the taste, texture, colour, and properties of different fruits.


Mehfil e Milad:
We organize Mehfil e Milad every year in the month of Rabi ul Awal and students participate it with full enthusiasm. The event reiterante the importance of Eid e Milad un Nabi for Muslims.
Outdoor visits & field trips:
Students feel greet pleasure when there is a good change in the environment. If is a source of gratification for them to learn the facts delightfully with their classmates.


Independence Day:
Celebrations for the independence day develops the felling of patriotism which is a way of motivating the new generation towards the well-being of their homeland.


Mother’s Day:
As a muslim, we all believe that we can gain paradise by servicing our mother by giving her due respect and lone. To pay tribute to Great mother we arrange card competition and gifts for the winning mother.


Hats Day:
It is the contest between mothers in which Mothers are asked to prepare beautiful Hats according to the title provided to each class by using how cost material items at home. The theme is to educate useless children to re-cycle material like newspapers, card sheet of old copies, old papers, ribbons. Seashells, dry flowers, broom sticks etc.


Water Day & Sports Day:
The theme of the activity is to promote, encourage healthy and entertaining sports activities among the children and to provide a sense of competition between the classes, Students enjoy themselves tremendously while taking part in various games and water activities.


Puppet Show & magic Show:
Puppet show is the activity to amuse the children, Students enjoy watching this event immensely. As a class activity students prepare Muppets with the help of charts and glaze papers.


Art Competition:
To develop and to inculcate creativity amongst the students different art activities like cutting, pasting, clay modeling and free hand drawing.


Summer Camp:
At EMS of our priorities is to give the students a command of the English Language and the ability to Converse in English for this purpose we design special Summer Camp focusing ELP + IT as a main and Art and Craft plus other co-curricular activities as a supporting subjects.


Talent Show:
Experience is the best teacher and by involving students practically in different characters through talent show they can get first hand knowledge.
The theme of the talent show is to educate, promote, encourage and entertain students through healthy activities.